Voice2Time is a web application created to facilitate synchronized voice’s recording with a video or a timecode.

Voice2Time allows you to place texts on the original video by simply copying and pasting, with or without timecode. In playback mode, the text scrolls under the video and the actor only has to read the text that appears on the rythmoband synchronised with the original.

Accessible everywhere

Voice2Time is accessible from a PC (Windows, Linux, MacOS, ChromeOS), also on tablets iOS ou Android. Everywhere you are, Voice2Time is on your side.

Simple and fast

Voice2Time was designed to make your voice recording work easier.

Voice2Time is quick, intuitive and easy to use, and offers unparalleled convenience and time savings for voice dubbing and synchronisation.

No installation is required: just log in and start working. Type or copy and paste, you position and resize your texts according to your needs.


Voice2Time is fully customisable : color for the texts and rythmoband, fonts and size, red line detection positioning, Projection mode, characters…

Voice2Time adapts to your working habits and needs.

Compatible with Synchronos

Exportez your Voice2Time project toSynchronos. Voice2Time converts time to the format you want.

Be contacted

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