Recording Voice2Time content

You need to record Voice2Time content for projection or broadcast ? There is our solution !

❗This solution gives a smooth video result for the following configuration, but does not guarantee similar rendering on less powerful PCs:

CPU : Intel Core i7 11e génération
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
OS : Windows 11
RAM : 16 Gb

OBS Studio

Start with the recording software. The solution we recommend for a smooth recording is OBS Studio, an open source recording and broadcasting software.

Download OBS Studio

You can download OBS Studio for Windows, MacOS, and Linux on the official website.

OBS Studio setup

Add source with « + » button in « Sources » section

Chose « Browser » option in opening menu.

Using this source instead of recording the screen allows to get smoother video and avoid freezes on rythmoband.

In opening window, name the new source, then click « ok ».

Next window relate to web source itself. Fill the URL field with Voice2Time link :, the resolution you want for your recording, check « Control audio via OBS » option, then click « ok ».

You now have a Voice2Time window as a video source. To get access to the application, select the source in the list, then click on Interact.

A new window opens to use Voice2Time, to load the video if necessary and to start the rhythmoband. Then just start the recording from the OBS interface.