Voice2Time features



Create each speaker for your projects. Each speaker can have its color defined, which will influence the color of his texts.

Speakers name can be displayed or not on the band

✂️Sections (Lipsync)

Each text can be cut into different sections in order to best fit the video and allow lipsync work.

The video tracker helps to place the sections correctly.

🚩Markers and guides

Place markers at key moments of your rhythmoband and create markers. Different colors are available to help you differentiate between different types of markers.

Horizontal guides help to place texts at the same height.

↔️Offset and start

Set an offset to your timecode to match that of your video.

To choose when your timecode actually starts, set a marker as “start”.



Customise color, size and font for your texts.
Apply a style bold, italic, or underlined.


Change band color and red detection line position.


⏲️ Timecode

The timecode can be synchronized to a video or be independent.

Seconds can be split into milliseconds or frames.

🔎 Video Tracker

The video follows the changes made on the band to help you place the texts perfectly.

🎬 Projection Mode

Enable projection mode to display only video and rythmoband during recording sessions.


💻 Accessible everywhere

Voice2Time being a web application, it is easily accessible from a browser on Windows PC, MacOs, Linux and Chromebook, as well as on tablets and Android.

On a smartphone, the use of the application may not be optimal due to the small format of the screens.

📹 Video export

Export rythmoband directly into a video, which you can then use in your projects outside of Voice2Time.

⚠️ Works only on Windows for now.

📁 Projects Import / Export

Export and import projects from Voice2Time to keep control and save your work.

Export your projects to Synchronos to continue your work with ease.

🔤 Texts Import / Export

Voice2Time offers the possibility to export and import texts only. Choose the format of your choice, including Synchronos et VoiceSync formats.

🤝 Project sharing

Share each project with another person to work together simultaneously.

⚠️ Each project is limited to 1 share at a time.

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