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Synchronise voice recording – like never before

Here’s how to sync text to your video.

Voice2Time allow you to add text to video using copy and paste – with or without timecode. In playback mode, the text scrolls under the video and the actor simply reads the text in sync with video

All of this, directly from your web browser.

Accessible, everywhere

Voice2Time is accessible from a PC (Windows, Linux, MacOS, ChromeOS), also on tablets iOS or Androi.

Everywhere you are, Voice2Time is on your side.

Customise your work to suit your needs.

Voice2Time is fully customisable : color for the texts and rythmoband, fonts and size, red line detection positioning, projection mode, characters…

Voice2Time adapts to your working habits and needs.

Export your work

Voice2Time is compatible with Synchronos.
Voice2Time converts projects to the format you want.

Export texts and projects to JSON that you can reimport it in another Voice2Time projects

Export projects to Synchronos

Export the rythmoband into a video that can be used everywhere you need

Make your voice recording job easier.
Voice2time est rapide, intuitif et simple d’utilisation.

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